French Cooking Classes For a Child's Smile

vendredi 14 mai 2010

For a Child's Smile - the charity

Our goal is to create the US based branch for that charity.
Please check the British and the French websites for more information

Pour un Sourire d'enfant (PSE) was created in 1993 by Christian and Marie-France Des Pallieres. This Non Governmental Organisation which is also apolitical and non denominational acts largely in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Its objective is to care for and educate the city's poorest children as well as those living off the local rubbish dump. For A Child's Smile (FCS) is the London-based fund raising arm of PSE.

Some noteworthy points on PSE and FCS:

On the 10 June 1996, PSE and the Cambodian Ministry of Education and External Affairs signed an agreement recognising PSE as an educational provider in Cambodia.
In December 2000, PSE was recipient of the prestigious Human Rights Prize awarded by the French Prime Minister. Christian Des Pallieres was also given the key to the City of Phnom Penh.
In February 2001, Christian and Marie-France Des Pallieres were invited by the Cambodian King Sihanouk and the Queen Monineath.
Since 2002, PSE is recognised in France as an association de bienfaisance.
In 2006, FCS was registered in the United Kingdom a Charity Organisation by the UK Charity Commission.
Today, PSE helps to care for and educate over 6,500 children in Cambodia.

vendredi 23 avril 2010

French Cooking as a fundraiser

How it works

You get a group together (ideally people interested in cooking or at least in eating French food), 5 to 8 people maximum

You pick the menu (from a list in another post)

You pick the date and the location (your house or a friend's house)

You buy the ingredients

We cook and have lunch or dinner together, which allows you and your guests to ask all the questions you want about France and French people....

It will take between 2,5 to 3 hours depending on the items you decide to cook

It’s a lot of fun - everyone gets some hands-on experience and a paper with the recipes and instructions.

Cost: I charge 200$ for my time – that money goes completely to this charity
It will pay for 3 months of a childs’s life and education.